Tuesday, June 28

gap-toothed models.

models with imperfect teeth seem to be the hot trend in fashion editorials and advertising. usually one would think that a woman with a front teeth gap would be discouraged from the idea of being a successful model; this would make them anything but perfect. but these ladies are here to alter the definition of beauty and appeal.

here are my top five favorite gap-toothed models in order.

lindsey wixson

ashley smith

lara stone

georgia may jagger

louise pedersen

Wednesday, June 22

you got them 501's.

i enjoy taking self-portraits outside because of the lighting, but psh. far too hot for that.

h&m golden anchor shirt. tj maxx vest. make me chic ankle boots. love culture floppy hat & bow belt. handmade gold chain bracelet.

quadron |  jeans

Monday, June 20

lauren dukoff.

lauren Dukoff is my favorite photographer of all time. she is noted for her portraits of famous celebrities and musicians, but it's far from the regular pictures that you view in magazines. she strictly works in black and white (and sometimes color) film, a rare and increasingly fading photography style. her work is what inspired me to want to pursue a career of fashion portraiture and editorial photography. through her artistic eye, she shows the world more than just the pretty face of a celebrity--she shows their vulnerable side as well.

lady gaga


devendra banhart

karen o (the yeah, yeah, yeahs)

gia coppola


check out more of lauren's work here: http://www.laurendukoff.com

Wednesday, June 15


solange knowles has to be my top fashion icon. her style, to me, is an eclectic mix of '70s disco, '80s pop, and '90s oldschool hip-hop. from her insanely huge afro to her killer stilettos, solange is a sight for sore eyes in the fashion world. plus, she does her own thing; she knows that she will never be "picture-perfect beyonce" and definitely isn't trying to compete with her sister. all the more reason to love her. 

solange | i decided

Monday, June 13

taint my mind, but not my soul.

it's a monday in tallahassee, florida; it's 97 degrees; and i'm wearing all black! crazy, right? despite living in literal hell on earth, i managed not to die from heat stroke.

also, i dyed my hair red and blonde this past weekend! i didn't notice until after i got dressed that it matches my shirt. the colors kind of remind me of sherbet. i'm in love with it.

 bcbg fashion rocks! shirt. charlotte russe floral tights & booties.
santigold | shove it


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