Wednesday, December 21

but i feel celestial.

i love black milk. that's all i really have to say.

urban outfitters cropped pullover. black milk galaxy leggings.

marina & the diamondsshampain

Sunday, December 18

male models.

one of my favorite internet pastimes is to stare at photos of male models. they're beautiful and talented--so, why not? there are a select few, of course, who have caught my attention. they have such unique styles, facial structure, and charisma--i sometimes find myself fangirl-ing over them. here they are, ordered (somewhat) from my top favorites.

Cole Mohr

Yuri Pleskun
(his cheekbones. his. cheekbones.)

Henry Pedro-Wright

Andrej Pejic
(if you haven't heard of this amazing androgynous model, look him up. god, he's beautiful!)

Thiago Santos

Ash Stymest 

Max Krieger

enjoy the sexy.

Wednesday, December 14

are you prepared for the atom bomb?

the bird & the bee | preparedness

Monday, December 12

winter wishlist.

winter wishlist.

mink pink shaggy cardigan. jeffrey campbell back offs. black milk leg bone leggings. topshop velvet shorts. apple iphone 4S. 1928 arrowhead earrings. apple macbook pro. nikon d700.

not necessarily a christmas wishlist. i wouldn't mind receiving these items at any time!

Saturday, December 10

the black fingernails of that punk rock logic.

some hiatus that's been, huh? no need to worry, i'm back to updating! i miss fashion blogging.

the plus side of my being away is that i've acquired many new items to add to my wardrobe.

forever xxi faux leather jacket & brown boots. love culture skullback fishtail shirt. vintage velvet leggings & circle sunnies. bowler hat.

lupe fiasco | gold watch