Sunday, May 6

spastic gyrations in abbreviated bathing suits.

some webcam shots of various outfits. maybe you'll notice that i'm in complete love with thigh highs.

  • american apparel from head to toe.
  • thrifted diy coca-cola polar bear tank. urban outfitters high-waisted leather shorts & grey thigh highs.
  • target tank top. american apparel high-waisted mint shorts & teal thigh highs. world market jewelry.
  • etsy bow swimsuit top. american apparel high-waisted mesh swimsuit bottom

king krule | portrait in black & blue

Saturday, April 21

a cute little heartbreaker.

it's finally here! a new style post!
the school year is almost done (midterms are next week!), but i found time to show off what i wore today.

american apparel sleeveless button-down. black milk galaxy leggings. doc martens in black velvet.
urban outfitters ear cuff. world market jewelry.
...and a new septum piercing!

jimi hendrix | foxy lady

Monday, March 12

rush in the night like a shockwave.

black milk galaxy leggings. doc martens in black velvet.

these boots are my newest purchase. i am absolutely in love with them; usually breaking boots in are murder on my feet, but these are crazy comfy.
sorry i haven't been blogging frequently. school and my job has been occupying my time, but my last day until spring break is tomorrow! and since my job is currently moving locations, i'm not working as much right now.
this means more updates! i really mean it!
thanks for sticking around.

sbtrkt | wildfire (feat. little dragon)

Tuesday, January 24

you like your girls insane.

my life is nothing but photography.
i'm working in the studio this quarter at SCAD, so i figured it wouldn't hurt to do some shots in there for my blog.
some exciting news, though: i might be going to new york this summer for an internship! i'm trying my hardest to get there; wish me luck!

dollhouse cropped denim shirt. thrifted high-waisted shorts. target sweater leggings. 
forever 21 brown boots.

lana del rey | born to die

Wednesday, January 18

get me so red, you wanna ruffle these feathers.

jeffrey campbell night walks. 

bathslovely bloodflow