Tuesday, January 24

you like your girls insane.

my life is nothing but photography.
i'm working in the studio this quarter at SCAD, so i figured it wouldn't hurt to do some shots in there for my blog.
some exciting news, though: i might be going to new york this summer for an internship! i'm trying my hardest to get there; wish me luck!

dollhouse cropped denim shirt. thrifted high-waisted shorts. target sweater leggings. 
forever 21 brown boots.

lana del rey | born to die


  1. you're so beautiful. love it ! And I love your blog layout

    You should blog more often.


  2. i've been listening to "born to die" pretty much constantly lately and ugh it makes me want to cry. i don't know what it is about it exactly but it seems to hit some über fragile nerve inside of me. i really like the whole album a bunch actually, haters stay pressed.

    and in other news i love how you edited these photos!

  3. these shorts are super awesome, sweet thrift! congrats on your possible internship!!