Friday, July 8

seeing thoughts on repeat.

i bought some new jewelry the other day and i'm really into the pieces. i'm slowly dumping out a lot of my old, gaudy jewelry and finding some eye-catching ones.

with  a bandea and a diy jean vest (i just cut off the sleeves of the jacket), the jewelry stood out perfectly.

diy denim vest. forever xxi bandeau, jeggings, ankle boots,  jewelry.
neon indian | deadbeat summer

Tuesday, July 5

her feet wake the flowers.

day 3 in orlando! my family and i roamed the outlet malls for independence day sales. i wanted to wear something cool and breezy while walking in the sun.

afterwards, we had lunch at pf chang's. This probably isn't anything special to any of you, but this was my first time actually eating at one. there is none in tallahassee.

now, i'm off to wet n' wild. hot temperatures, long lines, dirty water! fun times!

edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros |  jade

Monday, July 4

the days and the nights are the same and the weather complains.

my parents decided to take a trip to orlando to celebrate my mother's birthday. it was spur-of-the-moment, and so far, we've been having lots of fun.

more posts about my trip will be featured soon. happy independence day to my fellow americans!

my mother and i.

my stepdad and i.

forever xxi crop top. thrifted high-waisted shorts.

tokyo police club |  favourite colour